There are two organisms capable of taking a cold, hollow shell and making it into a warm, welcoming destination.

One is a snail…….


The other is Design Syndicate, experienced Johannesburg-based purveyors of fine, bespoke wallcoverings imported from the best manufacturers worldwide.

A building is just a collection of bricks, concrete, glass and steel before all of these building blocks are united by a classy, well-chosen wallcovering. No other single aspect of a décor theme is as important as this aspect of the operation – like your skin, wallpaper is both what holds much of the important elements together and the billboard that advertises your presence to the world.

First impressions do count – as do second, third and fourth impressions, and every one after that. If you want your business or home to look incredible and stay looking incredible, you need Design Syndicate’s expert guidance in choosing both the most elegant designs and the most hard-wearing materials that your budget will comfortably allow.


High quality products, available on import from top international companies, installed quickly and efficiently, wherever you are in Southern Africa – everything you need to ensure your property makes an impact.