Wallpaper Pattern Symbols

Free Match

The wallpaper has no repeating pattern and can be hung in any direction without accounting for the design

Offset Match

Similar designs must always be shifted vertically. The measurement beside it indicates the vertical offset of the pattern.

Straight Match

Similar designs must be matched at the same height. Its measurement number indicates the height at which the pattern is repeated.


Every second strip of wallpaper must be glued in the opposite direction.

Wallpaper Gluing Symbols

Glue to wall

Apply glue/paste to wall, not to the paper.

Glue to paper

Apply glue/paste to paper, not to the wall.

Water Resistance and Washability


Wallpaper can be lightly cleaned with a sponge. This wallpaper will be damaged when exposed to water.


Wallpaper is fairly durable and can be gently cleaned with a damp sponge. Vulnerable to large amounts of water.

Extra washable

Wallpaper is durable and dirt can be removed with a light soap solution and a sponge. Vulnerable to large amounts of water.


This wallpaper is the most durable and can be scrubbed clean with a soft brush/mild abrasive without damage. 

Colour Fastness

Good light resistance

This wallpaper will not fade easily with prolonged exposure to sunlight. Recommended for areas in bright sunlight.

Wallpaper Removal


The wallpaper can be removed dry from the wall without leaving any residue.


The top layer of this wallcovering will peel off dry, the bottom layer remains on the wall.

Wet removable

Wallpaper can be removed using a putty knife after being soaked in water and wallpaper remover.